Drumming Workshop

is our new educational and technology project. People may learn in regular mode and VR playalong mode in the first-body vision. On our channel, we include the professional content such as break down of rudimental study, technical study, orchestral figures and pieces of major Drum examinations, drummer career sharing and drum Recording. Our expert team will provide the teaching materials from beginner to advance level in Drumset, Snare Drum and Percussion.

VR-Mode Play Along

is a stereoscopic scene. We set the cam in the center of the drum. Student looks at the coach as same as the first-body vision to performance around the drums.

Regular View

sets multiple cameras to focus on all detail of the coach's fingers, wrist, arms, hand and foots. It makes people learn drum accurately.

Professional Musicians as Instructors

All of our courses are taught and demonstrated by professional musicians, including drumming consultants, ambassador, professional percussionists and drummers which would provide specialized drumming skills and tips for all enrolled students.

Consultant of Trinity College London (Hong Kong) - CHOY Lap Tak
Ambassador of Trinity College London(Hong Kong) - LAU Chi Ho
Percussionist - Samuel CHAN Tsz Ho

Using VR apps recommended by our video technician to watch your 360-VR Lessons!

Available for both Android and IOS users.

Android: VaR's VR Player PRO

IOS: VRPlayer : 2D 3D 360° Video

Enrolled members are eligible to join our Facebook and Accompanying Practice Video series for extra learning materials